isobel letter.bmpSalisbury, Wilts. 12/12/90

Dear Arwen,

Thanks ever so much for your letter – I’m really excited! At the same time I can’t believe I am coming out to India! Anna and I are leaving on the 6th January. London – Rome – and then on the 7th January we fly Rome – Bombay. That much is definite. However, I’m having a few problems managing to book an internal flight Bombay – Hydrabad. How did you do it?

Thanks for all the handy hints about how to cope with Indian red tape etc. at the airport. I will let you know (when I know!) the exact time of flights. It would be really great if you can meet us at Hyderabad airport.

What are your plans for Christmas? What is it like politically at the moment? Have the riots died down at all?

Anna and I want to do as much travelling as possible afterwards so we intend to travel light as pos. What did you take with you? Oh, do we need things like a mosquito net especially since we are coming when it’s going to get really hot? The “toilet” sound pleasant! At least there’s a kettle so we really don’t need to bother with bringing things like a heating element! Was the TEFL course any use to you? What subjects do you teach apart from English?

I’ve got the Lonely Planet book which looks really good – I’m sure it’ll become like a bible to us.

I’m glad Mrs Ebenezer is so nice and also all the girls. I still find the idea of getting up in front of a class and actually teaching rather a daunting thought!

I’ll definitely buy you some batteries from Duty Free!

Love Isobel x

PS We’ll see you in just over under a month’s time! (I wrote this some time ago but didn’t post it as you can see!)


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