A recipe for a break up

A recipe for a break up

You will need a good handful of nerves that have
been tenderised the muscle fibres of your heart
broken down in order soften the texture

of hurt which may make distant and future pain easier to
digest even taste better in the long run they say the toughest
break up can turn someone into

a succulent juicy being with the right methods though
your love has been pulverised your self-esteem roughly
chopped at this stage you

should cook your confidence moderately let the negativity
slowly ooze out perhaps coarsely chop one or two shared
acquaintances from of your life

add them to the pan of no return select as many love letters
gifts as you think necessary cut them into chunks cover the
photograph of you both together

let your anger steam for a few minutes while those thoughts are
simmering slice the remaining photographs add them
to this satisfying stew of new you finish

it off by grating bitterness on top it is so comforting a warm
delicious lift mouthwateringly sweet it will be sure to leave
you feeling tender flavourful strong.

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